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Tall In The Saddle

This is an image that I captured at the Bonner County Rodeo this past August.   I was able to catch this image of a roper who was reeling back in his lariat after “escorting” a steer into the exit chute.   It begged to be put into black and white.




SINCE I TOOK THIS SHOT OVER THE SUMMER, I’ve been waiting to post it here and always seemed to have it sittting on the back burner because of this or that or some other thing that I wanted to post more.   I have never been much for following the rules but it seems funny that I took this shot before I ever knew about the rule called “look for the S”.   Based on that, I suppose that it would be a natural inclination for the eye to be drawn to an S.   Whatever the reason, I fell in love with this image from the moment I took it.

I hope that you do too!