Ever wonder why I sit out on the edge of an ice flow for an hour to take a single image? Mountain bike down Alpine slopes at the age of 48? Go trudging through an icy cold mountain river? Sit for hours and watch children play?

I bought my first digital camera in 2009 with the thought that photography would provide me with an escape; give me something to do instead of sitting around the house miserable all of the time. I had been down that road before. I know right where it lead and I knew that was not where I wanted to go again.

So while photography is an escape of sorts, it has become so much more than that. It is my opportunity to temporarily be completely at peace. That’s why I go to the mountains, the woods and the streams where the only sounds are the wind blowing through the trees, the roar of the winter run off or the trickle of a gentle stream along with the sound of my foot falls. I go to the places where I can listen to nature speaking.

I try to find and photograph those things in this world that remind me that amongst all of the negativity, there is fun, there is beauty, caring and most of all, love. I like to think that we still live in a world where a person can derive simple pleasure from a snow cone on a hot day and that its acceptable to smile and say hi to someone when you walk by. I’m looking for the beauty in this world and I often find it anywhere and in anything.

The absolute best part of photography is the sharing. Especially when one is as lucky as me and has a great group of friends to share with.

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