Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

TODAY’S RANT INVOLVES A TRIP THROUGH THE WALMART PARKING LOT.  I have found that there can be a shopping cart return receptacles (I don’t know what else to call it) within six or seven parking spaces of someone’s vehicle and they will leave their cart right where it is.   I actually got to witness a guy shove his empty cart so that it free rolled across the parking row into a grassy area; this while he was only parked four spaces away (yeah…four) from a cart return.  I’m no genius and certainly not a physicist but simple logic would suggest that it would have taken less effort for him to just push it to the return.   It certainly would have made it easier on the person who has to walk around the entire parking lot picking up after lazy people; not that he probably thought about nor even concerned himself with that little factoid.

Just sayin’…


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