I’m Finally Playing Catchup

I HAVE FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH THE WHIRLWIND going on around me and have made the time to visit here and make this place just a little more simple again.    I will be posting a slide show of my favorites from the Bonner County Rodeo this year in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that.  Of course, as my favorites, they will also favor my vision.   If you want to see all of the images, please pay a visit to my Facebook Page.

Today’s image is one from that group.   This year, I tended to focus more on the people than the events and this image stood out as one of my favorites.

On an off note, I am considering taking down my main web site Mike Victorino Photography until a suitable replacement host can be found.  I was quite happy with Smug Mug until they decided that a 67% increase in costs for the Pro and Business accounts was in order.     There are pros and cons to this decision but in the end, I don’t think that the expenditure is worth the return that I have gotten.   Stay tuned…


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