Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

TODAY, change was foremost on my mind. As I look around, I see change everywhere.   It is in the physical world, as I have posted on recently.  The landscape in which I have delighted in for many years; the one which has assuaged my many stressful days is now becoming more solid,  busier and a lot less transparent.   Change in the physical world also leads me to think of the many changes that I have forthcoming in my personal world and I just have to say that it is scary.   Stepping out into the unknown (some might call this a leap of faith) is not something that find myself doing on a regular basis.  I might be a daredevil but I am certainly not normally a gambler.

If this image of the Sandcreek Byway; something that was fought over and delayed for many years is any example, it is one that when a chance is taken on the unknown, there is always the possibility that something beautiful can emerge from it.   For the moment, that is calming to me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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