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IT SEEMS THAT EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER HAS A NICHE; that place where everything gels and no matter what happens, they can do no wrong.  It’s kind of like George Strait singing a bad country song; it’s just not to happen.  Today, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine from Priest River, Idaho who is kind of like that.

Misty Painton is a 32 year old married mother of three who works full time as a dispatcher for the Bonner County 911 Center and also is a volunteer with the West Pend Oreille Fire District.   As if that wasn’t enough, she is finds the time to be a very talented photographer.   How she manages to fit it all in; well that must be a “mother” secret.

Misty is a brilliant photographer who excels in many areas such as Wildlife, Architecture and Portraiture. That place where she really shines (at least in my opinion) is wherever there is something on fire.  How lucky that she has a career that will take her right up close and personal with subject she shoots so well.    Misty clearly has a relationship with fire and it shows in her work.  It’s not just the fire though; it is the firefighters, the equipment, the atmosphere and the people.  Misty covers every aspect and manages to convey emotion in every one of her her images.

Misty’s photography can be viewed at Facebook and at her blog.   Please pay her a visit; look, like and comment!

Images in this post are the copyrighted property of Misty Painton and Painton Pictures Photography. Images used with permission.


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