Spring Creek ~ Revisited

For today’s blog entry, I thought I would revisit this post and for once, let you take a look at the actual image that I started from.    Here is the finished product and what I had written about it.

“In order to get this finished product, I took an eight second exposure of this creek bottle-necked up with a downed tree at f/22 and ISO 100. I then darkened the final shot and finally converted it to black and white.  That was the easy part.”

Here is the original image before the the darkening and conversion to black and white.

Sure, I can say I shot this at f/22 for eight seconds at ISO 100 but it just doesn’t seem to cover it.    I was driving up a dirt road along Spring Creek just outside of Clark Fork, Idaho and saw this from the road.   It took over half a mile for me to find a spot to park the truck in relative safety.  So there I was, trudging back a half mile carrying all my gear, a tripod and of course, all of this with an open umbrella because as you know, this kind of shot doesn’t simply happen when the sun is out and it’s 70 degrees; at least not in my world it doesn’t.

Just to add a little more to this scenario, this was nearing the end of a six hour road trip into Montana where I got some beautiful shots of the Cabinet Mountains.   I was wearing shorts, a tee shirt and sandals because when I started, it was nice out.   Anyhow, this location is about 100 yards off of the roadway, now a muddy roadway,  through a ditch and some heavy growth.   I made it there though.  I got all set up and just as I was about to start depressing the shutter, my feet and ankles started itching.   Yep you guessed it, I managed to forget to watch where I was walking and I was able to easily figure out exactly where the poison oak was located and then go tromping right through it.    Apparently, I’m not allergic because the immediate itch was all I ever felt.  Whew!

All of that for a single shot.  If nothing else, photography is teaching me some patience and perseverance.

More importantly, the end definitely justified the means….well kind of!  😀


2 responses

  1. Great post here today, Mike, it really resonates with me personally! Love it, my friend!

    September 22, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    • Thanks Toad. It was most certainly an experience

      September 23, 2011 at 1:48 PM

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