View From The Car Seat (Installment 5)

One of the greatest lessons that I teach myself on perspective it to download my son’s camera.  It is not something I do regularly and sometimes, I go for over a month without touching it.   It is when I do that I get to look at his perspective on what I was doing and see if that doesn’t influence the way I think or how I want to shoot something in the future.

I dug this one out of his camera.  It is a shot that he took while I was out doing this shoot.

You’ll probably notice that there was nothing in my series from inside of the graveyard and even though I was also shooting in there, I had “zero” shots that I felt were worthy of even processing.   This one from my little man, on the other hand,  was very compelling to me.  Maybe it’s that the depth of field is so shallow that nothing really appears to be in focus, I don’t know.  What I do know is that it appears mysterious and that really works for this shot.   I remember that I have taken a shot completely out of focus before and it worked.

Whatever the reason, he has done it again.  Although I would likely put this shot into focus if I took it,  what a fabulous perspective and the composition is dead on! (No pun intended)

I have a true artist on my hands!


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