Houses Of Worship (Installment 1)

Back in July, I took a little photo walk through a town where I once lived; Spirit Lake, Idaho.   During this little walk, I was amazed how some of the church towers stood out against the blue sky; and with the billowy white clouds floating around, they were calling out to me. This one in particular.

Apparently, the members of the First Lutheran Church in Spirit Lake were having a little yard sale out back that I missed and as I was walking away from the church, one of the parishioners approached me and told me that someone told them I was taking pictures.  What happened next was beyond anything I expected; I was invited to go into the church to take a look around and WOW!, was that worth the effort.

Maybe thirty feet wide, pews seven deep and a small piano in the back for hymns. This was a lovely and more importantly, homey church. Just being in the sanctuary of this building gave me a sense of peace. The natural light passing through the stained glass mixed with the colors of the walls and furniture gave this small (only in stature) building a warm glow like that of a roaring fire on a stormy night.

As I understand it, this yard sale has been going on for some time now. The building which now houses the First Lutheran Church of Spirit Lake, Idaho was built during the first decade of the 1900’s and has stood the test of time.  It has now come to a time when it is no longer large enough to handle the size of the congregation it has held in its loving embrace for so long.  It is time to build and relocate to a facility large enough to handle the growing numbers of congregants. This is an exciting time for the folks there and I share in their hope for the future.

At the same time, I sit here and wonder what is to become of the old girl.  Will she be left to wither away slowly by time and the elements or will she become the living breathing hearth of a brand new congregation of disciples.  I hope for the latter for it would be a crying shame to let that which has stood for so long become a victim of “want”.

I pray that in this desire for growth, what is really important is not forgotten.


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