Branching Out

Today’s photo shoot was a little different for me than usual.   I went to a trail that I had not been on with my camera as of yet.  I had been on there with my mountain bike several times and sufficed to say, in those instances, I wasn’t really paying attention to the landscape so much as I was trying to keep from breaking my neck.    I went at about 9 in the morning so the sun was still at about a 45 degree angle and because of the growth in that area, the lighting was beautiful.

Normally, I will shoot in aperture priority and adjust the exposure compensation for the lighting that I am trying to duplicate.   Today for a change, I shot in shutter priority all day in order to figure out what speeds worked best in what light; or more accurately, in what mixture of light.  Today’s experience allowed for the time to take each shot several times at different speeds and see what the difference was in the end game.   It was a great learning experience for me and allowed me to achieve these type of results in a new way.

It didn’t end there either.   The quality of the images and the way the light stood out against the dark backgrounds allowed me to play a little bit in post processing and come up with some artistic images that I was very very happy with!

This is one of those and I hope you like it!!


2 responses

  1. Interesting image. Always good to experiment !

    August 5, 2011 at 10:37 PM

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