Lesson Learned

I went out toward sunset tonight and took some wonderful golden hour shots of a couple of train bridges over still water.    It was perfect conditions and I took roughly 40 shots that i was absolutely sure that were going to be fantastic.   Imagine my surprise to get home and find that ALL of them were out of focus.   After some time, I managed to find out what had happened.  (and it’s not my crappy vision either!!)

This is a page out of the T1i manual that is also applicable to the T2 and T3.

There is a small knob next to the flash hot shoe called a Dioptric Knob.   The purpose of this knob is to adjust the nine focal points in the T-Series viewfinder to appear sharp in the display; which of course affects the focus of your camera.   Mine was shall we say, “not sharp”.    My knob got out of alignment and all of my shots paid the price for it.   Why?  Because I didn’t check it to start with.     Hopefully, my pain will help you in your future endeavors.

I know it’s something I will never forget!!


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