Palace Guard

On a recent walkabout in town, I went to the Healing Garden at Bonner General Hospital near the Cancer Center.  All the plants and flowers are just starting to come into bloom and there were not many people there that day.   This was a great opportunity for me to walk through with my camera and see what appealed to me.  That’s where I found and  shot this little guy hiding in the bushes.

One of the other attractions for me as I made my way through the gardens was  a large rock fountain and pond.   The fountain was not operating this day so the water was glass still and a mirror-like reflection of everything around it from any angle was crystal clear.   Of course, I shot it.  In and of itself, this is not really that bad of a shot and it was my original intention to add it in here into the water gallery.

Well, as I sat here tonight in my motel room in Spokane Washington, I had a little bit of time on my hands and as you would have it, creativity struck.   I considered that the image might look very good in black and white so I started playing around with some of the filters both internal and external in PSE7 and found a palette that I liked.

It was then that I saw this guy lurking around in my image and thus was born The Palace  Guard.    The Palace Guard is half human and half insect; one who shows no discrimination in his duty that he has sworn to uphold.   Human and insect alike come under the purview of his watchful eyes and he is faithful to his calling; always standing smartly at attention and ever alert.   He is a powerful ally; and an equally powerful foe should you cross him or those he is sworn to protect.


One response

  1. What a fun outing that must have been. The result… some really nice images. Keep it up Mike, I am hooked.

    May 6, 2011 at 4:30 AM

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