Low Light

Tonight, I planned on posting the low light gallery in full.   I was going to post some shots that I had taken over the winter just after a snow storm but those plans were laid to rest as I left work. As I left the office to get into my truck, I looked up to the west and saw a beautiful waxing crescent moon coming down toward the horizon and I knew that I just had to shoot it.   What can I say? So that’s what is getting posted tonight. The other stuff can wait.

The first shot I took, I looked at the monitor directly after taking the shot as it was processing it. When the image popped up, it had transformed into something that I did not expect. The moon had taken on a wonderfully soft shade of purple. Yeah, I kept it.

The next shot turned out almost the same with a slightly lighter shade. I converted this to a black and white in order to look more like the moon. The only thing missing is the kid with the fishing pole.

Then on a whim, I looked at the moon through some low hanging branches. I tried several shots of this using manual focus on all of them. Some I focused on the moon, the others I focused on the branches. I just wasn’t getting anything I liked. So I set my focus for about ten feet past the branches so that nothing in the shot was in focus. What I got was a photo with an eerie feel to it and of course, this very much appealed to me.

One of the things that I find myself starting to do when I put a camera in my hand is imagine the possibilities and to look outside of the box. Hopefully in the end, it is paying off.


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