I got some great advice from my friend Renee today on what constitutes macro photography.    Since that is an area that I haven’t really explored yet, it was easy for me to assimilate this information.  What’s important about this is that I have grown and I am continuing to grow in knowledge, skill and creativity and that there are folks out there who are able and more importantly willing to share their experience.  I have learned  much from various people over the course of the last five to six months and as I am adding content to the site, I can actually see how much difference this has made in my photography.     Some of the content that I am adding is not recent and to be honest, some of it looks like nothing more than a tourist shot that’s gonna do nothing but sit in a shoe box for years.

I am now experimenting; exploring the possibilities instead of just going out and shooting pictures.    Practice, practice, practice.

To demonstrate what I’m talking about, here is a shot that I took a couple of days ago which is going into the landscape category.   It was one of those times when I sat back and said, “Holy Shit, I can’t believe I did that”.    The reality is that maybe I should believe it and should be doing it more.


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