Light Stalking: A Must Visit

If you are a beginner, amateur, hobbyist, professional or just a weekend kinda person that likes to go out and take pictures of anything and everything, I recommend that you visit Light Stalking.   This is a community of photographers who have gathered together to share ideas, stories and photography.    The administrators frequently put tutorials and other very useful information on the front page of their site.    If you are interested in learning new skills, brushing up on old, gaining new perspective or new ideas, then Light Stalking is a must visit.

Here is a smattering of some of the tutorials that have recently been posted:

  • 41 Selective Color Photographs
  • Case Study:  Behind the Scenes of a Tron Styled Self Portrait
  • Give Yourself a Photo Project
  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Wildlife Photography
  • How to Practice Portraits Without Your Camera

You can access Light Stalking by any of the links below

Light Stalking
Light Stalking on Facebook
Light Stalking at  Twitter


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